About Royalty Recovery

If you are not being paid the money you are owed, or have been deprived of your intellectual property, you have come to the right place. Royalty Recovery is dedicated to working with you to enforce your rights, recover your royalties, and, where possible, recapture and reclaim your intellectual property, including your copyrights. Together with you, Royalty Recovery’s professionals will customize a plan designed to effectively and efficiently collect the money you are owed and protect your rights, both for you and your heirs.

Royalty Recovery’s team of professionals has worked with writers, producers, artists, and even small record labels and publishers. As a consequence of this diverse background, Royalty Recovery’s team has successfully reclaimed copyrights, ensured that artists and songwriters be paid, and helped find new and diverse avenues of income. Indeed, our team has pioneered methods for successfully handling issues such as digital samples, interpolations, synchronization uses (in movies, television and advertising), and Internet exploitation. At Royalty Recovery, we are devoted to protecting your rights and empowering you to take back control of your livelihood.