It was 1957 when royalty payments stopped coming in. That was the year Harry Kirby McClintock (A.K.A. Mac), the Greatest American Songwriter, died. Mac and his wife Bessie depended on the steady stream of royalty payments from a myriad of payees to help them with their monthly living expenses and Bessie couldn’t understand why the royalties stopped coming in. Forty-three years after Mac’s death, his grandchildren finally learned that the other legal agencies employed to represent Mac’s estate, which were to watch-out for their client’s intellectual property and royalties, were only looking out for themselves. These agencies never challenged anyone who claimed Mac’s songs as their own, even when collecting royalties that should have gone to Mac’s widow or grandchildren.

On May 31, 2000, Mac’s estate was put in touch with Jeff Gandel of Royalty Recovery, Inc., and decided to work with him to replace all the “other agencies.” From the time of Mac’s death in 1957 through May 31, 2000, the estate collected a grand total of about $3,000.00 or approximately $69.76 per year. Since the involvement of Jeff Gandel, the McClintock estate has collected approximately $400,000.00 and the number of sources of royalty payments continues to grow. In addition to royalty payments, however, Mac and his music have received newfound recognition, an absolute joy to the estate. Jeff Gandel is held in highest esteem for his diligent representation, determination, honesty, trustworthiness and ethics. With his representation, the estate continues to recover past, present, and future royalties.

Estate of Harry Kirby McClintock

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